The Magnificent Six


The Magnificent Six. Six wines that Justin is unwaveringly confident in.

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Country: Justin Lill Wines

Size: 750ml

Six wines that Justin is unwaveringly confident in.

Kurtz 2015 Schmick shiraz, A wine for the ages… will cellar forever… if you drink it now I would decant very early on the day you drink it. Huge red and black fruit with swirling tannins.

Claymore 2018 Nirvana Shiraz… Is this Clare’s best red!?… Stunning violet and blackcurrant fruit… Super sexy!

Torzi Mathews 2018 Frost Dodger. The last vintage of this wine was made in 2013. Crafted with the Italian appassimento dry packing style to produce a big yet elegant balanced wine with all the alluring Eden valley Berry fruit

Power Of One 2018 Adelaide plains Shiraz… The palate is coated with chocolate, orange, mocha, vanilla and a decent wallop of spice… Fabulous

Kurtz 2017 Lunar Block Shiraz. Bursting with mulberry and blueberry, violet and cigar box spice this is still my favourite Aussie Red

Curator 2015 Barossa shiraz. Another blockbuster… Intense blackberry dark cherry Barossa terrier… a ripper!

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