Mina Real Tequila

Mina Real Tequila


Mina Real Mezcal embodies pronounced earthiness and character.

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Country: Oaxaca, Mexico

Size: 750ML

Mina Real Mezcal is an ecologically-sustainable mezcal made with agave slowly cooked in a brick kiln without the consumption of firewood. This steaming method highlights the plants’ bright floral bouquet without burning an industry average of 3.5 lbs of firewood per liter produced. Utilizing a combination of both modern and historical technique, the agave honeys for Mina Real are fermented intact with their crushed agave piña fibers, followed by a double distillation in pot stills for pronounced earthiness and character. Mina Real Reposado Mezcal is additionally barreled in American white oak.

Las Joyas del Agave Oaxacan distillery celebrates two distinct mezcal styles. Don Amado Mezcal is made from agave cooked in a traditional earthen wood roast, while Mina Real’s agave are steamed in Oaxacan cantera stone kilns to achieve more floral, aromatic characteristics.

With a 300-year tradition of crafting the libation with all-natural ingredients and expert technique, they naturally ferment their mezcals intact with their crushed agave fiber, and double-distill in locally-produced ceramic pot stills. Aged varieties are barrelled in Domecq brandy casks and finally, all bottling is certified by the Consejo Mexicano Regulador de la Calidad de Mezcal (COMERCAM).

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