Baby Doll Savignon Blanc

Baby Doll Savignon Blanc


Beautiful with barbequed fresh seafood.

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Country: Marlborough, New Zealand

Size: 750ML

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

2015 was an incredibly smooth harvest which commenced around a week earlier than expected. This was due to the consistently dry, warm weather we enjoyed all summer in Marlborough, as well as the lighter crop from the cooler weather over the flowering period. Successfully harvested in good time, the grapes displayed all of the qualities for which Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has become world-renowned. Distinctively aromatic notes of blackcurrant leaf, wet stone and crushed oyster shell are beautifully balanced by a flinty minerality. Eight parcels of Sauvignon Blanc were selected for this wine from our vineyards in the Awatere Valley, and two from our vineyards in the Wairau Valley. The parcels were harvested and fermented separately, using selected yeast strains for Sauvignon Blanc to enhance varietal character. A long, cool fermentation took place over four weeks, with the parcels then being blended and stabilised, prior to bottling. Parcels from the Awatere Valley and Wairau Valley together combine to create a wine brimming with varietal character, balance and elegance. The nose is lifted and fresh with notes of passionfruit and grapefruit. The sweet fruit characters on the palate and fresh acidity combine to create an expressive, classy Sauvignon Blanc. Beautiful with barbequed fresh seafood.

Having sheep graze in the vineyard cuts down on energy intensive mowing, but has its pitfalls once the vines grow and the grapes emerge.

Yealands Estate, a Marlborough based winery that’s renowned for environmentally sustainable initiatives, has come up with an all-season solution….

Our flock of Babydoll miniature sheep stand barely two feet tall. Too short to reach the fruit, these pint-sized organic weeders provide year round mowing and pest control, plus a handy dose of fertiliser.

Nurtured from the ground up with sustainable practises and produced in a carboNZero certified winery, the pure and intense flavours of Babydoll reflect the winery’s innovative thinking in tune with the environment.

Peter Yealands first introduced Babydoll miniature sheep to his vineyards in 2009. Since then, the flock has grown to over 1500.

Diesel emissions from tractors are the source of some of the largest carbon emissions on a vineyard. The conversion of our tractors to run on bio fuel and building our numbers of Babydoll sheep will markedly reduce carbon emissions from our mowing.

Plans are afoot to cross-breed the Babydoll sheep with Saxon merino and grow the flock to 10,000, plus possibly harvest the wool.


  • Unadulterated genetics for over 400 years
  • The original Southdown breed from the U.K
  • Small in stature when compared to ‘normal’ sheep standing at 65-75cm, mature
  • Babydoll sheep only reach 45-60cm in height
  • As “scarce as hens teeth” – there are only a few thousand in the world!

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