Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky


Voted ‘World Whiskey of the Year’ by Malt Advocate 2011.

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Country: Bangalore, India

Size: 700ML

Variety: Indian Whiskey

The bulk of the barley used was sourced from the Himalayas and the rested peated barley from Scotland. Both mashed and distilled independently, matured in old and new American oak barrels. While India may not be the first country to mind when great world whisky is mentioned, the Fusion Single Malt is about to change all that. Considered by Jim Murray to be the 3rd best whisky in the world as part of his 2010 Whisky Bible, the Fusion is a phenomenal blend of flavours, aromas and texture the envy of most, even in Scotland. On the nose this spectacular whisky offers up notes of heavy oak, barley sugar and some subtle smoke characters that play ever so well with amazingly complex flavours like custard cream, toffee and dried fruits. While the whisky threatens to be completely overpowering, the balance on the finish is nothing short of ground breaking.

Production of alcoholic beverages is an ancient industry in India with a history that runs nearly parallel to the history of the nation itself. Formal recognition of it as an industry came in the mid-19th century during the British Raj. Amrut Distilleries Private Ltd is among the proud pioneers of the industry in independent India, having commenced operations in 1948, that is, just after Independence.

From modest beginnings as a small blending and bottling unit under our late founder, my father Shri Radhakrishna Jagdale, Amrut Distilleries has, in the decades since, seen quantum improvements in the art of distillation of high quality malt and grape brandies. This has been fuelled by unremitting R&D of the maturation of quality spirits to bring them to international standards.

Concurrently, we have also honed our blending and packaging skills by a judicious blend of in-house creativity and the guidance of international experts. The result is that Amrut Distilleries is today known as much for its adherence to tradition as for its inventive blends.

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