What is the Difference Between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris

Pinot Grigio made by the Italians, is the same grape as Gris but the Italians don’t like to gamble, so they pick it as soon as it is ripe to deliver a white that is crisp dry and light with aromas of sliced pear and freshly cut crunchy apple with a dash of spice and fresh tingly acidity.

Young Wine vs Old Wine

Here is my opinion…. In the old days they used to press the guts out of the reds to get every last drop of juice so the resulting wines contained a great deal of acid and you had to cellar them to soften the fruit so they were drinkable. Today wine making technology and viticulture are so advanced that most wines don’t carry the acid of their forebears.

French Champagne – Changing Tastes?

About 6 years ago, the French expanded the area that producers could buy their grapes from and still carry the word champagne on the label. It is my humble opinion that many champagne houses that are using this lesser quality grape are diluting the taste that we have come to know and love as champagne.

Eperosa Wines

Brett Grocke is the secret behind this new label that is producing exciting new wave wines. First and foremost a viticulturist, Brett’s understanding of the soil types and quality vineyard sites is second to none. This leads to an almost god-like selection of fruit that gives him the edge over most of the competition.

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