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Country shops are staffed by friendly characters, real people who would love to meet you. Drop in for a chat with:

Justin Lill

After kidney operations at age 18, doctors recommended that he never drink again BUT he has to look after his thirsty wife, so he tries everything to make sure she only has the best. His favourite job is putting together mixed dozens for happy customers, and also taste testing everything that goes in the shop!!


Colin (Firth) Andrews

Ex milko who found he loves the flavours of great craft beers and fine wines. Nowadays, he needs something to whet his whistle after a hard days gardening.  We think he has one of the best palates in the shop.

John Dent

Ex restauranteur, who is semi retired and just keeps his hand in to dabble a bit and have access to affordable drinking. Has a great wine and beer palate and very good matching food and wine.


A motorbike riding, surfing, and pilate’s instructor who’s also great at recommending the perfect alcohol to suit your needs.


Don’t let this young girl’s bright smile fool you, she’s has one of the sharpest palates in there shop and her personal choices for you will always be on the money.

Fiona Lill

Nepotism????  Lots of fun, gorgeous and vivacious, we have a lot of customers personally picking up their wines when she is working. She is by far the best looking staff member.

Michael Lill

A peppy little kid who is too helpful for his age. Don’t ask him for help with the beer’s because he will give you more knowledge than you wanted and leave you with more choice than what you started with.

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